UCB Roundtable – March 2nd

The United Cardinal Bloggers have been posing a roundtable question on Twitter each day for the last several weeks. March 2nd was my day, and I was glad I got to ask the question before anyone else asked it, and here it is.

Based on all the changes during the 2011-2012 offseason for the Cardinals, what things have to happen for you to consider the 2012 season a success for the Cardinals organization?

Daniel Solzman

I suppose I could take time away from weather coverage.  A playoff berth
will do it for me.  And beating the Cubs.

Christine Coleman

I agree with Daniel on both counts. A playoff berth would definitely qualify 2012 as a success. And, always, beating the Cubs. Especially the first home stand at Busch Stadium.

Daniel Shoptaw

As we all know, the playoffs are a crapshoot.  While it would be disappointing if the Cards went out in the first round, I think we’d take solace in the fact that it was a good season nonetheless.

Unless, I think, the setup changes and the Cards lose the one-game Wild Card playoff.  (EDIT: OK, see that just got announced.  Large sighs and take out the qualifying on that.)  I feel like this team is capable of much more than being just an also ran, so while I’ll be glad that they get there, that’d leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Beating the Cubs is always good but I’d hope we’d have a winning record against Houston.  It’s the last year they’ll be in the league, they aren’t supposed to be good, and they have
a lot of former Redbirds in the front office.  Wish them well in ’13 and going forward, but if we aren’t beating them with regularity this year, there’s something wrong with this squad.

Kevin Reynolds

Mine’s pretty simple…of course, beat the Cubs…

But primarily, win the division. With the weakening of the NL Central as a whole and the return of Adam Wainwright, this team shouldn’t settle for anything less than NL Central Division Champs. Plus, with the addition of a second Wild Card spot in the NL this year, the Cards do NOT want to risk their season on a single play-off game.

Winning the division has become almost a necessity, now.

Once in, anything can happen…and it would be unfair to expect anything from a first time manager once he gets into the playoffs…but considering the team Matheny’s been handed, Mozeliak’s payroll flexibility and ability to address needs that pop up due to injury, and the fact we are the reigning World Champs…falling short of an ours-to-lose NL Central Division title should be considered failure.

Dennis Lawson

Honestly, I’d be disappointed with anything less than about 95 wins and the NL Central title.  However, the only litmus I have for declaring the season a
success is that the Cardinals host another UCB Weekend.

Bob Netherton

What a fascinating question.  On paper, this team would appear to be in the same
general neighborhood as the one that took the field last year, so a finish near
the .500 mark would be good litmus test.  Beyond that, the real test will be
when adversity hits, how do the coaches, manager and front office deal with
it.   If we supplement the roster with guys like Pedro Feliz or embark on one of
those August 2010 road trips, the season could not be classified a success.

Mark Tomasik

A team that is a serious contender for an expanded postseason and plays
smart, fundamental baseball would be considered a success.

Christopher Carelli



The Cards need to make the playoffs. This is not a team built to be
satisfied with anything less. Beating the Cubs, should be a piece of

JE Powell

I think that for the season the be a success the Cards need to make the
“real” playoffs, by which I mean either win the division or get past the
“Play-In Game”. On top if that, they need to make a good showing. Getting
swept in three games would be very disappointing, so they would need to at
least push the first round to five games.

Thanks everyone for the responses!


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