Offday Reading: What I’ve been working on

So I signed myself up to be a charter member of the United Cardinal bloggers, posting at least once a week during the regular season. So far that has just not happened (unless you count my Wednesday post at i70 baseball, another UCB site)….

Life has just gotten busy, and I’m doing more baseball writing for other sites this year than last year, when I updated with more frequency. The point of this is not an excuse as to why I have not been keeping up my blog, but rather an update to the goings on for me in the upcoming weeks.

As I’ve mentioned here before, this is my first season writing for I write a Playing Time Today article every third saturday, occasionally write a Call-Ups column for minor leaguers who got called up on the day I’m covering, manage the minor league forum 3 nights a week, and write up scouting reports whenever I attend a minor league game in person. It has been a lot of work, but a lot of fun. I have already taken in 6-7 minor league games this year, and the next on the calendar is Saturday night in Round Rock as Roy Oswalt makes his first start since signing with the Rangers.

I have also been writing a Wednesday Cardinal column for, which has been great as well.

The second Wednesday of every month, Dathan Brooks and I host the UCB Radio Hour on Blog Talk Radio.

Every other weekend I will be participating in the UCB Newsletter for that upcoming week of games.

Upcoming Projects:

Working with 5 other writers on player capsules for the MLB amateur draft next Monday. Baseball HQ will run it on their site immediately following the draft, and I hear rumors of other outlets potentially picking it up.

This Friday night, I will be interviewed or Conversation with C70, Daniel Shoptaw’s podcast. If you have never taken a listen, you owe yourself the favor. This is one of many podcasts that Daniel hosts, and this is probably my favorite. He just has a 40-50 minute conversation with players, bloggers, journalists, and others connected to Cardinal Nation. I was honored he asked me to be on, and I will be sharing my story of how I got into Cardinal blogging and talking about the 2012 team.


There are a lot of things I want to do on this blog. The biggest is get back to doing book reviews. Two on my list right now are:

“Headed for Home” by Kent Stock

“Baseball’s Starry Night” by Paul Kocak

That’s about it for now…thanks to you guys who regularly stop by here. Wanted to give an update as to what’s going on. I’ll be posting links to these projects here and on Twitter (BirdsontheBat82) as they are completed.

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  1. Cardinal70 June 3, 2012 at 10:49 PM #

    Both of those are some good books. I meant to ask you about being a subject in “Starry Night” during the podcast.

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad that people enjoy the podcast, because it’s been a lot of fun to put together over the last 10 months or so!

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