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2011 The St. Louis Cardinals World Series Collector’s Edition DVD Set Giveaway

A+E and MLB Productions is making it possible for this site to do another DVD giveaway for the 2011 World Series. This time, I’m giving away 2011 The St. Louis Cardinals World Series Collector’s Edition DVD Set.   Will do a drawing on Friday to give away one of these 6-Disc sets. The highlight video […]

Breathe Deep…Soak It All In

It’s been a whirlwind of a few days for Cardinals fans. I’ve seen a lot of great things in my 30 years of following the team. 2011 is in a class of its own. You’ve read the articles and recaps, and watched the videos. Some of you are probably watching MLB network nonstop as you […]

Could You Write a Better Story?…..

Than the 2011 World Series. Oh boy, is this one for the ages. I couldn’t imagine more twists and turns, and weird plays, and clutch hits,  untimely errors, and heroic comebacks than this series has given us. It was sweet redemption for the Cardinals that they don’t have the taste of game 5 in their […]

World Series

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending my first ever World Series game. Obviously, I would have hoped for a better outcome than 4-0 Rangers win. But I have to tell you, there is no sporting event I’ve ever attended that comes close to the excitement of a World Series game. I enjoyed watching […]

I’m Tired of Hearing….

#1 The National Media hand the World Series trophy to the Texas Rangers before the series even starts. These are the same “experts” that said the Phillies would sweep and there was no chance the Cards could beat the Brewers. #2 The National Media talk about how bad the Cardinals starting pitching is. After Game […]

I Like This Team: Now and Last May

Due to work, family obligations, etc, I’ve been quieter than I would have liked to be during this incredible Cardinals run through the post-season. I hope to reverse that trend over the next week and a half of World Series baseball! On a personal note: I was offered a writing position with recently, and […]

It All Comes Down to This

In a few hours I’m driving from Austin to Minute Maid Park for today’s big game. I will have pics, thoughts, etc. in a blog tomorrow. In the meantime, a few quick thoughts about today’s game: -What a great feeling that the Cards control their own destiny today! -Brett Myers has been really, really good […]

Exorcising the Demons…

Cardinal nation is abuzz on twitter tonight, and I love it. I feel good about our chances of playoffs, not only because of how well we have been playing, but the wheels seem to have fallen off in Atlanta. In addition to losing Hanson and Jurrjens from their starting rotation, the Braves offense has become […]