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Beards vs. Birds

A few thoughts on tonight’s start of the 2013 World Series -It’s going to be fun! Two great franchises that mean so much to their respective cities. They play the game hard, grind out at-bats, and treat their opponents with respect. The winner will become the first franchise to win three World Series titles this […]

Farmer Hat

Just for fun…. My buddy @sportshuman started a funny thing on Twitter a while back. We both grew up in Southwest Missouri and there were lots of farmers around. Those farmers all like to wear their hats with bill tipped up, just like Carlos Martinez wears his. So recently on Twitter, @sportshuman started tweeting “Fear […]

Holliday’s Time to Shine

There are factions (or fringes depending upon your point of view) of Cardinal fandom that hold much contempt for Matt Holliday. Some of it may be because he got the largest contract ever dished out to a Cardinal while Pujols was still in his prime. Some of it may be because of “the drop” in […]

An Ode to Mike

I ran across this article in the Post-Dispatch a few days ago. First off, I would like to say that I was really surprised to hear that Mike Shannon is 74 years old. I am sure that if I really sat down and thought about it, I could get close to that number if you […]

2012 Cardinal Blogger Awards

Tonight, the annual Cardinal Blogger Awards will be announced on the UCB Radio Hour.  Although I am very late, I wanted to submit my post with my votes. There are 9 awards for actual St. Louis Cardinals, and 9 awards for Cardinal bloggers. Award 1: Player of the Year Nominees: Allen Craig, Matt Holliday, Yadier […]

Mo Knows

Behind that stoic, wire-framed face perched in the owner’s box, you can bet John Mozeliak is grinning ear to ear when the cameras aren’t on him. How could he not? After all his St. Louis Cardinals lost, they are a game away from another World Series birth. Pretty incredible. You know the storyline, but just […]