I’m Tired of Hearing….

#1 The National Media hand the World Series trophy to the Texas Rangers before the series even starts. These are the same “experts” that said the Phillies would sweep and there was no chance the Cards could beat the Brewers.

#2 The National Media talk about how bad the Cardinals starting pitching is.

After Game 1, TLR went to the bullpen as preventative, not a reactionary move. TLR’s handling of his pitching staff in the playoffs may change the way playoff games are managed from here on out. We may have witnessed history. But after game 1, he wasn’t going to allow the Milwaukee bats to blow a game open when the bullpen is pitching so well. It doesn’t mean the Cardinals starting pitching is terrible.

Game 2: Jackson is pulled in 5th inning. When the dust settled he gave up 2 earned runs.

Game 3: Carpenter charged with 3 ER in 5 Innings. Earned the win.

Game 4: Lohse pulled in 5th. Was charged with 3 ER

Game 5: Garcia pulled in 5th. Was charged with 1 ER.

Game 6: E Jax pulled after 2 innings so Craig could knock in 2 runs. Was charged with 4 runs.

I don’t think the Cardinals pitchers have anything to hang their heads about for 4 of the 6 games. TLR learned his lesson in game 1 and Jackson didn’t have an impressive game 6, but I’ll take 2 bad outings (at Miller Park) over the course of the series against that monster lineup.

The fact is, the experts don’t know what’s going to happen in the World Series. These teams haven’t faced each other. Both have incredible lineups and great bullpens. I could seriously see a Rangers sweep, a Cards sweep, or an intense 7 game series. If one team gets hot and figures out the other’s pitching it could get ugly. But the Cards have just as good a chance of running away with it as the Rangers do. Washington is going to have to figure out how to manage around a pitcher batting in the first 2 games and potential games 6 and 7. Huge advantage LaRussa there. And the Cardinals can bat Allen Craig as DH games 3,4,5.

Don’t count these birds out. And don’t discount our starting pitching.



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  1. EM October 18, 2011 at 8:14 PM #

    What am I missing? I mean, why is Arlington considered the hands-down favorite? Looks pretty even to me, and how in your right mind could you blow the Cards off after the run they just went on???

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