Could You Write a Better Story?…..

Than the 2011 World Series. Oh boy, is this one for the ages.

I couldn’t imagine more twists and turns, and weird plays, and clutch hits,  untimely errors, and heroic comebacks than this series has given us.

It was sweet redemption for the Cardinals that they don’t have the taste of game 5 in their mouth all off-season. Finally, finally, the Rangers gave away a game they were in control of after the Cards did just that in Game 2 and Game 5.

If you are a Cards fan and weren’t moved by Joe Buck’s tribute to his father on the Freese home run “We will see you tomorrow night” or Mike Shannon’s call, then something is seriously wrong with you.

I won’t do a game recap, there are plenty of others already written. Just a few thoughts on the game.

-How fitting was it that Pujols started the 9th inning rally?

-Descalso and Jay came up huge in the top of the 10th with their back to back hits!

-You had the Freese hit in the 9th that ends the game if Cruz catches it, ends the game if it’s 2 feet higher and over the fence, or ends the game if Cruz gets to it a second later (inside the park home run). Unbelievable.

-2 times the Rangers were within a strike of winning the World Series. Twice. Nolan Ryan looked like he wanted to punch somebody when Freese hit that home run, and can you blame him?

This team just won’t quit. They (for some reason) continue to play their best with their backs against the wall.

Tonight will be fun. One team going for its first ever World Series title. The other going for its 11th.

A hall of fame manager in his star’s last season under contract. An-oft criticized manager looking for validation on the biggest stage.

Don’t forget Cards fans that just over two months ago, all the talk was on blowing the team up and starting over. They were old, unmotivated, not playing well, and not showing heart. Oh what a difference two months make. This team is here to stay.

They fought through the injuries. They’ve played the whole season without their co-ace. They won 2 in a row against the NL’s best team in the NLDS at their park. They beat the team that won their own division in the second round.  And after a gut-wrenching, weird game 5 loss, they battled back time and time again from the brink of defeat last night.

Lace em up boys and strap em on. Tonight will be another game for the ages. The fans thank you for an unbelievable ride.


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  1. david November 11, 2011 at 10:27 PM #

    So much like the ’64 Cards. Our young writer is not old enough to remember. 10 games out with a month to go. Get hot, the Phillies collapse, and win the pennant last day of the season. Beat the Yankees in 7. Not too bad!

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